Shelton & Lane Stationery stocks a huge selection of products as well as comprehensive office, home and school stationery services.


Our professional photocopying service is available for all businesses and individuals. There’s no job too big or small, and our team can help you get what you need quickly, efficiently and conveniently. For affordable printing and photocopying services in Horsham, come and see the friendly team at Shelton and Lane Stationery today.


We understand that not every business is going to own a laminator, and that’s why we’re here to help. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s not uncommon to need documents laminated, but the expensive of owning a machine isn’t justifiable. For all those occasions, our laminating service is quick, easy and affordable.

Spiral Book Binding

Much like laminating, spiral book binding is somewhat of a lost art. In today’s digital age, not many businesses have the tools required, but binding handbooks, brochures and other written resources is still necessary. From menus to educational resources and everything in between, our spiral book binding. service is available for quick and easy results.


Need to get those paper products looking just right? When you’re printing your own resources and still want a professional look, we’re here to help. Trying to manually cut things neatly is time consuming and ultimately ineffective. For professional guillotining, forget the lost time and frustration, and let us deliver perfect results every time.

Daily delivery service in the Horsham area

When you’re running a business, you’re looking for convenience wherever you can find it. We understand that you don’t always have time to leave the workplace for office supplies. That’s why make it easy with a daily delivery service throughout the Horsham area. Take the hassle out of your purchases with Shelton and Lane delivery.

Office furniture installation

Not only do we provide some of the most trusted brands in office furniture, but we’ll also help you install them. Most office furniture doesn’t come ready-assembled, and it’s time consuming to put together. We’ve got the tools and experience to assemble your office furniture and get you working comfortably in no time.

Back To School pre packing and Text Book supplies

All parents know how stressful back to school time can be, and we take some of the hassle away. With our convenient pre-packing service, you can get everything you need easily and affordably. We also supply text books for all school levels. Take the stress out of back to school, and let us share the load.

Free quotes

When it comes to setting up an office, purchasing new furniture or even just investing in quality products, sometimes all you need is advice. We’re all about helping our customers make informed decision, and that’s why we offer free advice and no-obligation quotes for all of our services. Call us any time, and we’ll be happy to help.