Holy Trinity Year 7 Booklist 2024

Booklist Instructions

  1. Please provide your name, email, phone number and your address in the spaces provided on the Personal Information section below.
  2. Please click on ‘Add to order’ for items that ARE required.
  3. Please submit your booklist by the due date shown below.
  4. You will be required to complete the payment section before submitting your completed booklist.


Please return your booklist by

Tuesday, 12th December 2023

or alternatively you can submit your order Online via the following link: https://sheltonandlane.com.au/order

**Booklists submitted after December 12th may not be available until after the collection date stated below.

Parcel Collection

Collect your booklist parcel from:

Shelton and Lane Stationery
59-61 Wilson Street, Horsham 3400

On or after 16/1/2024

**All Textbooks ordered after the collection date require pre-payment**

**All Digital items and Reactivation Codes need only be purchased if your child has purchased a second-hand copy of the related Textbook and the code inside the front cover of the book has been activated.

**Please be aware that all Digital resources are “non-returnable items” so please take care when ordering. If you are uncertain about ordering any Digital product, please contact the School or Shelton and Lane before purchasing.

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